Accurate Dispersions

Accurate Dispersions

Commited to Working With you to Develop Total Solutions

Our specialty at Accurate Dispersions is working closely with you, the coating formulator and manufacturer, to provide total solutions that meet your specific coatings needs. Our goal is to help you deliver a more consistent product that will perform better, increase customer satisfaction - and improve your bottom line.

Since most of our dispersions are custom formulations produced to meet customer specifications, we follow a rigorous formulation development process that involves our key executives, laboratory personnel, and plant staff at all stages.

Before we begin to prepare a sample for your evaluation, we undertake significant preparatory activity. First, we obtain the basic parameters from you, including the desired properties for the specific applications. Then we meet with your technical, sales and marketing people to further define your needs, specifications, and expectations.

Next our experienced chemists formulate a sample for evaluation based on your specific parameters. If there is any discrepancy, we identify the cause and work closely with your team to resolve it promptly. In some cases, our technical staff, with your agreement, may modify a formula to ensure absolute consistency and reproducibility of the dispersion. Once we receive approval to proceed with manufacturing, our extremely tight formulation and process controls allow us to seamlessly scale-up a 1-gallon laboratory batch to a production batch as large as 2,300 gallons.

We place the highest priority on ongoing customer communication throughout this development process. You can be assured that our technical and executive team will work closely with you until you are completely satisfied that the dispersion will perform as required.

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