Accurate Dispersions

Accurate Dispersions

Maxitoner Industrial Colorants

Maxitoner industrial colorants have been developed by Accurate Dispersions to provide unparalleled consistency of color and performance for industrial tinting systems. Our exacting process controls and rigorous quality testing take the guesswork out, giving you reproducible color, time after time. Accurate Dispersions has built its reputation since 1986 by formulating and producing the highest-quality custom colorants for the industrial marketplace. Now we have applied our colorant expertise to industrial tinting systems for high performance, solvent based coatings.

These colorants are based on a high-performance aldehyde resin system combined with a unique additive package that offers exceptional compatibility and stability while being HAPS-free. The only solvent used in the entire product line is urethane-grade PM Acetate. Maxitoner colorants can often be substituted for current industrial system colorants on a one-to-one basis with minor reformulation. They are compatible with diverse resin sytems including urethanes, epoxies, polyesters, acrylics, short oil alkyds, styrenated alkyds, vinyls and nitrocellulose and CAB lacquers.


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