Accurate Dispersions

Accurate Dispersions

Dedicated to Quality

At Accurate Dispersions, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our dispersions. Our operators recieve extensive training, providing them with a thorough understanding of factors that impact production and the resulting quality of product.

Accurate has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998, but we embraced quality management principles for many years prior to ISO certification.We use statistical methods as both a quality control and problem-solving tool. Some of the tools we use to manage quality include SPC, Gage R&R, Linear Regression, and Correlation Analysis.

Regardless of the size of the batch, all components are added by weight using calibrated, electronic scales that are more accurate than traditional volumetric methods. This is one factor leading to the consistency and reproducibility of our dispersions.

We also ensure extreme cleanliness of our production equipment and facilities to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination between colorants and ensure consistency and reproducibility. All surface of tanks mills pumps and other processing equipment are bare metal-clean before we start each production batch.

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