Accurate Dispersions

Accurate Dispersions

What our Customers Say About Us

When coatings manufacturers evaluate suppliers for dispersions, they are concerned about many facets of the product and process. However, four important buying criteria are quality, cost, consistency, and product availability. Accurate ranks high in all of these areas, as demonstrated by the following customer comments about Accurate.

Quality: “Accurate's quality is excellent. Even before they received their ISO certification, they were well within the category of a 9001 facility in terms of their performance levels.”

Cost: “The cost of dispersions from Accurate is very competitive, especially when you consider the wide range of services and technical support they provide.”

Consistency: “Accurate Dispersions adds value to our products through the consistency of their dispersions. Because we don't have to ‘fix' the color, we have been able to reduce our cycle time and make better use of our capacity.”

Product Availability: “Accurate maintains an agreed-upon inventory of our most critical colorants. They base their production on a forecast we provide them each month.”

Other comments from our customers include:

Customer Service and Satisfaction: “Accurate always does more than is required. Once, while testing one of our formulations, Accurate noticed the results versus specifications had started to move. They brought the problem to our attention. They had even isolated the probable cause—a change in one of the raw materials. We found that the vendor had made a change in his process, and we had to work with the vendor to get the material back into specification. Accurate's proactive attitude helped us resolve the situation before it became a serious problem.”

Management's Commitment in Planning for and Meeting Customer Needs: “We don't outsource all our dispersions. At one point, I wasn't sure whether I was going to outsource a new dispersion or make it in-house. Accurate offered to make the dispersion and get it qualified, although they knew there was no guarantee of future business. We provided them with the formula, and they produced a sample for us. When we had a capacity crunch a few months later, Accurate was ready to meet our needs. I often wish every supplier was that committed and forward thinking.”

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