Accurate Dispersions

Accurate Dispersions

Pigment Dispersions & Colorants

Accurate Dispersions produces quality, consistent, reproducible colorants. As a major supplier to the coatings industry, Accurate provides pigment dispersions for use in a multitude of diverse coating applications including intermix systems, specialty inks, industrial blend systems and factory-tinting dispersions.

Working with the customer to formulate new dispersions

The majority of Accurate's dispersions are custom formulations, produced to meet customer specifications. Formulation is a process in which Accurate does a lot of work before preparing a sample. First, the customer provides the basic parameters, including the desired properties for the specific applications. Then Accurate meets with the customer to define their needs, specifications and expectations. Next, the sample is formulated based on the customer's parameters. Ongoing communication with the customer is essential, and working closely with the customer, development continues until the dispersion is ready.

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